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Savage - Loose N' Lethal CD 2008 Reissue

Savage - Loose N' Lethal CD 2008 Reissue

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Titel  Savage - Loose N' Lethal CD 2008 Reissue
Format:  CD
Genre:  NWOBHM
Jahr:  2008
Label:  Krescendo Records
Kat.-Nr.:  KRECD22


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Savage - Loose N' Lethal (Remastered Reissue)
Krescendo Records


Hailing from the north of England - Mansfield, to be precise - SAVAGE were one of the band's
'most-likely-to' from the NWOBHM and with the 1983 release of their debut 'Loose N' Lethal'
they staked their claim in a major fashion. To this day, 'Loose N' Lethal' remains a colossal
achievement, recorded on a modest budget but brim full of youthful exuberance and passion.
Tracks like 'Ain't No Fit Place' and 'The China Run' are rightly regarded as classics of the genre.

01. Let It Loose
02. Cry Wolf
03. Berlin
04. Dirty Money
05. Ain't No Fit Place
06. On the Rocks
07. China Run
08. White Hot
09. No Cause to Kill [Bonus Track]
10. Devil Take You [Bonus Track]
11. Back on the Road [Bonus Track]